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Meet Jenni

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

A pioneer in the growing field of high conflict relationship therapy,

Jenni developed a unique self-help program for those seeking freedom from narcissism and other high conflict relationships. Her first course, HIGH CONFLICT RELATIONSHIPS: Rescue, Recovery, and Restoration - A Proven Blueprint for Understanding High Conflict Relationships, Finding Your Emotional Freedom, and Living Your Own Inspired Identity, gives individuals the tools they need to understand their situation and affect real change.

Jenni is a published author, speaker, and coach to individuals, families, and professional organizations.

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What is a High Conflict Relationship?

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First, Let's Demystify The "High Conflict Relationship."

Seems obvious, right? But this kind of conflict only gets worse, not better (if left on its own). And this conflict isn't your ordinary conflict. It doesn't stay resolved.


Blame is when one person supposedly "causes" punishing and controlling behaviors by another. But sometimes we blame ourselves because it's easier.


You may feel a lack of self-confidence coupled with an intense desire to be a good person. Which puts you in a spot of not knowing if you can trust yourself.

Personality Disorders

Many of us know about narcissistic people. But there are 5 more personality disorders often exhibited in these high conflict relationships. And there's a lot of crossover between them.


You've got at least 5 incredible values that make you vulnerable in a high conflict relationship. 

Red Flags

There are 6 red flags that will help clue you in to a high conflict relationship. Learn more...

The real key is having concrete and practical frameworks for things to say and ways to react, and a path to finding the strength, confidence, and self-love to create change for yourself.
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Programs & Courses

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High Conflict Relationships: Rescue, Recovery, and Restoration

A proven blueprint for understanding high conflict relationships, finding your emotional freedom, and living your own inspired identity.


A 4-part online program for individuals who want a foundational knowledge in high conflict personality theory PLUS actionable techniques to improve your situation right now and achieve your relationship goals in the future. (Some packages also include coaching and access to private online support group.)

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Coaching For Individuals & Groups

Jenni provides divorce coaching and co-parenting coaching services to individuals and couples who have specific issues related to co-parenting, divorce, post-divorce, and high-conflict relationships.


Coaching is offered to couples and individuals who are attempting to manage any type of high conflict relationship. Group coaching formats are also available. This service is offered alone and also as part of the High Conflict Relationships course.

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High Conflict Relationships: For Professionals

Jenni offers companion training for the High Conflict Relationships program. Companion training offers clinicians an opportunity to bring HCR methodologies to their own clients.


Training is appropriate for mental health professionals, ADR professionals, attorneys, and other family court professionals. Continuing education credits available.


"I sought the help of Jenni McBride McNamara to cope with the overwhelming sadness and despair that I felt as a result of divorce and other traumas.  Step by step, with enduring compassion, sensitive wisdom, and very effective strategies, Jenni led me out of the depths of hopelessness to new beginnings and a better version of myself.  Through the gifts of her extraordinary leadership and personal touch in counseling, I've developed more strength and courage and a deeper sense of gratitude and purpose.  I've learned how to trust within and to find joy in the journey again. Working with Jenni has been one of the most important decisions I've ever made in my life, and I am grateful for all the ways that she has shed light on new possibilities and empowered my future."

— Patsy O

Books By Jenni

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