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High Conflict Relationships

What is a high conflict relationship?

A relationship between two people where at least one of them is a high conflict personality. These relationships are characterized by chaos, conflict, ups and downs, and a general sense of "this relationship is unhealthy".

High Conflict Person  A person who exhibits some personality disorder traits and who finds a target of blame when things don't go their way.

What is a high conflict relationship

The Six High Conflict Personality Disorders

High conflict personality disorders cause conflict in interpersonal relationships. These personality disorders end up creating significant conflict when they try to meet their emotional needs in unhealthy ways.







The Six High Conflit Personality Disorders

The challenge of a high conflict relationship.

Most likely, you're here because you or someone you know is struggling with a high conflict relationship. These relationships are unique because a high conflict person has likely developed a pattern of behavior that maximizes getting their needs met while minimizing the other person's ability or energy to get away from them.

This leaves you (or the person you know) feeling trapped and often with a feeling of low self-esteem, especially if personal values have been compromised in the process.


For a person who is stuck, meaning they can't get past everything that's been done to them, they are swirling in a place of "it's not fair." They are stuck. This begs the question -- What can I do?

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What can I do?


The High Conflict Relationship Program helps the stuck person become UN-stuck. We start with information, to answer questions, like "What's happening here?" "Are they a narcissist?" and "How did I get here?" We learn about personality disorders that tend toward high conflict in relationships. We learn to identify them and understand them for what they are. This is the "rescue."



Next we focus on "recovery." We learn strategies to get us un-stuck and kickstart our journey toward emotional freedom. Most important, recovery includes strategies for dealing with the high conflict person AND strategies for dealing with our own worries and fears.



And finally "restoration." Here we focus entirely on us and not them. This means we explore the place we want to land, the place where we will rest and restore. Here we begin to redefine ourselves, free of the stresses of the high conflict challenges we've been dealing with.

I encourage you to explore the options below and find the one that's right for you. Whether you are dealing with a high conflict person at home, in the work place, or in your family, the High Conflict Relationships Program can help. If you are a practitioner, neutral, or healer, you can learn these techniques to effectively un-stuck your clients for long-lasting positive change.

What can I do?
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