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Jenni's Story

About 15 years ago I was having all sorts of realizations about a relationship I was in. I felt controlled, unheard, unloved, and unsupported. And that was just one relationship! It turns out I’d had several relationships with similar patterns, even at work and with friends. And since it couldn’t possibly always be that I was the problem (haha-right?) I started looking for support.

That’s when I discovered narcissism.

Not really—it existed already. But I learned about narcissism after probably my 10th time of searching “Why is my partner behaving this way?”. That’s when the algorithms kicked in and started sending me lots and lots of articles and videos about narcissistic abuse.

So I joined some online groups, chatted a lot with people, read a ton of books, and saw a therapist. And guess what happened?

I did not feel better. Not one bit. I felt like crap and it got even worse the more time I spent in that world.

See, what I figured out was this:

All those articles explaining narcissism and all those gurus telling me to search inside myself were fine, but no one was actually helping me.

I was getting validation like crazy, empathy from a ton of people, and a group I could point to and say, “They’re like me”. But I didn’t feel better, and I didn’t see any path to feeling better. Because I didn’t know what to DO to feel better. At the time, I consigned myself to the fact that I had a chronic illness and it was called That Relationship. I’d just have to grin and bear it, and when I couldn’t grin anymore I’d just have to bear it. Forever. Until one of us died.


But my devices were STILL listening to me and algorithms were doing algorithm things. I started seeing ads for graduate programs in counseling. So I clicked on one. I went to grad school. I wanted to see if there was anything that could actually be done for people like me (and now you too!). I wanted to find a way for us to feel better. I wanted us to not have to be so completely stressed out by one relationship or a pile of relationships.

Now, many years later, we have Restoration.

Restoration is a group for people who aren’t satisfied with thinking they’ll always be in a high conflict relationship. They’re no longer willing to be a in a series of high conflict relationships for the rest of their lives.

  • Restoration is for people who are willing to try new things to get different results.

  • Restoration is for people who want to connect with others in their growth and not just over their pasts.

  • Restoration is for YOU if you’re ready (and by ready I mean completely sick of feeling like you do in those types of relationships).

So here’s the deal.

Restoration is a private membership group. You will have so much at your fingertips. You’ll have relevant information, new lessons each month, tailored strategies, accountability, and community. You’ll have discounted access to classes. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to become a community leader.

As a therapist in private practice, I know good counseling is expensive. And good counseling can sometimes be difficult to come by when high conflict relationships are the thing you want help with.

So by joining Restoration, you’re getting the benefit of years of clinical experience. PLUS you’re getting live lessons and things you can do on your own. PLUS you’ll be doing it with a community of others that genuinely understand and can relate to what you’re going through.

Don’t miss out on this offer!

Right now (and for a limited time only!), we’re offering a Founder’s Membership. It’s only $5/month, billed quarterly. (That means you’ll get charged $15 every three months.)

In addition to that crazy low fee, I’m going to individually connect with each of the first 25 Founders. You’ll receive a personalized video and an email to help you jump right in to Restoration.

Better yet, you’ll have the Founder’s rate forever.

Are you as excited as I am? Here’s to our community, Restoration –
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